5 best free Microsoft Office alternatives for Windows 10

5 best free Microsoft Office alternatives for Windows 10

best free Microsoft Office alternatives for Windows 10.

The current Microsoft Office package costs some money – per month. Because the Windows manufacturer offers the software almost exclusively by subscription. But there are free alternatives. We introduce you to the 5 best free Microsoft office alternatives for windows 10.

1. LibreOffice

Windows 10 libre office

LibreOffice emerged from OpenOffice, which is why both programs are still quite similar. However, they have been developed independently since 2010.

  • With LibreOffice, you can open, edit and save many Microsoft formats such as .docx, .pptx, and .xlsx.
  • LibreOffice is very similar to OpenOffice but gets new features and updates more frequently.
  • Like OpenOffice, LibreOffice is completely free.

2. OpenOffice

Microsoft Office alternatives

OpenOffice is classic among the alternatives to Microsoft Office.

  • The OpenOffice suite consists of one program each for word processing, spreadsheets, creating presentations, drawing, and a database solution.
  • Most Microsoft formats can be easily opened and edited in OpenOffice.
  • If you are used to Microsoft Office, you will quickly get to grips with OpenOffice. The user interfaces are very similar and for the most part self-explanatory.
  • You can use OpenOffice free of charge without any restrictions.
  • If you are annoyed by the frequent updates with LibreOffice, you should take a closer look at OpenOffice. Furthermore, OpenOffice is more resource-efficient.


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3. Kingsoft Office

Office alternatives

Another free Office alternative is Kingsoft Office. The program is available for free download from CHIP Online. However, the software is no longer entirely up-to-date: the last version was made in 2014.

  • Kingsoft Office includes word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software. A PDF converter is also on board.
  • Both the arrangement of the program items and the design are very similar to Microsoft Office – this means that those who change will get to grips with Kingsoft Office relatively quickly.

4. Softmaker Office

Microsoft Office alternatives

SoftMaker FreeOffice is comparable to OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

  • The suite includes a word processor, presentation software and spreadsheet.
  • The design can convince. You can also set the current design of Microsoft Office with the ribbon bar.
  • Saving files in Microsoft Office formats such as .docx is easy with SoftmakerOffice Free.
  • SoftmakerOffice can not only convince with the design

5. Google Doc

google doc

If you could previously only use Google’s services such as Google Docs or Google Sheets in the browser, this changed with G Suite. The G Suite has now become the Google Workspace office suite.

  • You need a Google account to use it. You can test the office suite free of charge for 14 days.
  • Google Workspace is much more than an office program. Even, you not only get 30 GB of cloud storage. Video conferences with up to 100 participants are also included in the package.
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